Tuesday, February 17, 2015


"Everything was built for you.
All the streets you drive on, all the sidewalks you stroll on, all the facilities you use, all the stores you shop at.  They were all built for you."

But I DON'T feel any sense of "entitlement" when I go outside.  Every time I go anywhere I'm always made to feel like I'm "cutting through someone's back yard" and "crashing an outdoor barbecue with their family and friends".

And as for the stores I shop at, or the restaurants I eat at, or the streets and sidewalks I walk on:  My use of them is purely by default.  In a world of prepackaged offerings the only choices one has is that of whatever has been built or created by society, the merchants, the industries, the churches, and the charities.

So you're going to the same places and using the same facilities everyone else is, yet you still sometimes feel like a trespasser because you're always around strangers who are not of your ilk and, thus, made to feel like you "really have no business being here".

But where else is there to go? ...except other places just as incompatible with you, as society never gives you any real choices of your own.


  1. And each year the choices we do have become less and less.

  2. Absolutely!!!

    Variety and amenities seem to have been outlawed for the most part.
    I actually wouldn't be surprised to learn that really IS the case.