Wednesday, June 24, 2015

                                                              Musings For Today

At 60-years-and-81/2-months-old I have to remind myself anytime I see an "older" person that I'm probably older than they are.

If you try to "play it straight", to do things honestly and properly, people figure you for being weak and a "sucker" and that you deserve to be preyed upon and taken advantage of.
However, if you do the same back to them, take advantage of someone for any kind of personal gain, these same people become "helpless little children" who go running to their "protectors" to "save them from (the likes of) you" and you wind up being labeled a "predator".

                                                                            Adages For Today

How is it every time I offend somebody they always end up being another "son/daughter of the President"?

The irony of the phenomenon of "collective rape mentality":  It's always okay for anyone to force things on another so long as it's nothing "sexual".
When it's "sexual elements" that are forced on another that's when it becomes a "moral issue".

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