Tuesday, June 16, 2015

                          One Man Stagehand

In public and around others I'm a "stage actor" and "stagehand" in one.  I'm always "in costume" when I'm out or around someone else.

That's part of "getting by" in this world.  And a necessity, as everyone leads a sort of "double life" wherein they're their true selves in private (or in  only the most trusted company) where it's safe to "cut loose".
But, out in the open they have to self-restrain lest any "undesirable" idiosyncrasies slip out and they be subject to any kind of persecution resulting from displaying traits or voicing opinions and viewpoints deemed heretical to the general consensus.

People are xenophobically fascist by nature and societies are full of dogmas, prejudices and mores.
That's why it's important for me to pre-arrange any meetings I may have with someone else.  To schedule any and all visits---especially those in which they come over to my place.  And it's important that other person not come by more than ten minutes earlier than they promised to arrive.  I want to be ready and prepared for them when they do arrive.  Otherwise I might not be dressed, washed up, and have things cleaned up and in order.

I have to get "in costume", "set the stage", and have time to "rehearse my lines" before I "go onstage" ...and if I'm forced to "go onstage" before I can get "in costume", "set the stage", or have a chance to "rehearse my lines" the situation will be a mess.
Not to mention I have my share of "personal secrets" I'd rather most people not learn about.
That's why God created the concept of "privacy".

I hope all you landlords, cable/satellite television employees, and wayward relatives and acquaintances are taking note.

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