Tuesday, June 16, 2015

                              All In Vain
Sisyphean:  Something you either work your ass off at, go out-of-your-way to do, or put yourself out all the way for ...but yet offers no relief or satisfaction, doesn't solve any problems, or doesn't fix anything.

Life is full of Sisyphean endeavors:  grooming, bathing ...hair and nails:  you get your hair cut and trim your fingernails and toenails ...and not even one month later you're once again resembling "the son of Wolfman and Dracula's daughter":  uneven wild hairs protruding from everywhere---your neck, ears, nose, between your eyebrows; and claws growing from the tips of your fingers and toes.  All that's needed now is for you to grow fangs.

Of course society's full of Sisypheanisms:  traffic lights that "take forever" to change.  "Walk" lights that only last 30 seconds while the green signal light stays on another 3 minutes.  This is probably the reason a lot of people jaywalk:  not so much to defy the cops or traffic laws but as a protest against obviously conspiring traffic engineers.

Then there's also government forms one has to fill out for a myriad of reasons: taxes, eligibility for government assistance, complying with regulations.  Then there are those insufferable "job applications" specifically designed to entrap "potential employees" into having to commit various forms of self-incrimination so as to give "prospective employer" reasons for rejecting alleged "potential employee".
All the manners of Catch-22isms in society are, for sure, definite Sisypheanisms.

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