Monday, October 19, 2015

  The Rock and Roll Hall of ...Phooey

Great news!!!  The illustrious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is FINALLY considering nominating Chicago, Yes, Jethro Tull and The Steve Miller Band for possible inclusion in their official display of musical memorabilia representing "Rock and Roll's roots and greatest achievements".

Thank God for that!!!  That means I can, once again, start listening to those groups again, KNOWING that now they're actually OFFICIAL "icons of rock and roll".  Up until now I felt sort of "funny", you know, liking groups and performers like them, even remembering hearing them a lot when I was in my teens and twenties, but questioning their validity.
But now that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recognizes them all will be fine.  We all know what a barometer the "Hall of Fame" is for establishing the history of rock and roll.  Otherwise how else would we have known that, among the "pioneers of rock and roll", the likes of Madonna, Mariah Carey, and 2 Live Crew deserve to stand alongside Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, and Ray Charles?

I mean ...a TRULY balanced historical perspective of a pop music genre...
it's not like rock and roll, perhaps, ALREADY has a history of its own.  Everything must be "validated" by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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