Wednesday, October 14, 2015

To all landlords/landladies:

    Why, when an apartment has been vacated and you get it "ready for" the next tenant, do you not invest the time and money in fixing whatever's damaged, or repair/replace worn-out plumbing, electrical fixtures and appliances?
Some landlords/landladies don't even repaint the walls, or fix loose fixtures or loose tiles (and the like).

    The tenants have to take it upon themselves to do "spot repairs" in a lot of places.  Even buy batteries for smoke detectors (in one place I know of the tenant had to buy a smoke detector himself).

    As harsh as the rules and bylaws are where "the responsibilities of the tenant(s)" are concerned, shouldn't the burden of such responsibilities be 50/50 between all parties?

    And the way some places hand their tenants a "laundry list" to fill out in which they (tenant) "note any and all damages or defects they spot in the place", isn't that rather condescending, trying to either "guinea pig" or "test the honesty of" said incoming tenant?
    Why not simply have the god-damn place ALREADY fixed up and ready to occupy?  If there are any damages or obvious abuses afterwards, THEN said landlord/landlady has a case.

    The worst of it:  the level of authority landlords/landladies (or any OTHER type of official or "in-charge" types) have.  And the way us poor underlings are so vulnerable to "taking the blame" or of "being under suspicion" for anything "out of place".  Often things we have no control over.

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