Wednesday, October 14, 2015

      "All Lives Matter"?  A Very Subjective Notion

Doesn't whether or not another person's life "matters" depend a lot on different variables?

For example:
If some stranger walks up randomly and makes sexual advances toward your lover, would you consider that other person someone who "matters" or would you just consider them a nuisance or even a potential threat and just want to "beat the crap out of them"?

If someone committed identity theft against you and you found out who that person was, would you be revering them as someone who "matters" or would you be wishing you could "find a rope and a second-story balcony" and "hang 'em high"?

Just how much do YOU "matter"?  To the government, to your boss, to your landlord, to society in general?

Isn't it true that the only lives that "matter" are those of whoever we're intimate with, good friends with, or those we admire for their accomplishments, abilities, or meritable traits?  As well as whoever treats us decently?

In an overpopulated capitalistic world comprised of republic-style societies any person's "worth" is determined solely by how said person "benefits" said society.
If that person is a bit heretical, becomes a threat (either real or perceived), or just doesn't wish to "contribute" to the society in any way, then said society is not likely to think that individual's life "matters" much.

One more thing:  If someone else doesn't think your life "matters" chances are their life probably won't "matter" much to you either.

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