Tuesday, April 5, 2016

             Keep on Cajoling Advertisers

Watching the local news (mostly for the weather forecast) I never cease to be astounded by the number of commercials for new cars, internet and cable/satellite television services, and furniture.

Who ARE these people constantly buying brand-new vehicles, or totally dependent on cable TV for amusing themselves at home, or running out and buying more and more sofas, couches, mattresses and queen-size beds every time they're 40% off?
Just how big are their houses and driveways?

And why do they stuff my mailbox once-a-week with clusters of ads and coupons?
If I "take advantage of" all those coupons I'd end up spending a couple hundred dollars a week just to ensure I "get 40% off".  Why not just buy an item only when I need to and save money that way?
And among those ads I get in the mail is ...you guessed it ..."40% off lounge chairs and sofas".  Thanks but no thanks for your "deal".  My apartment is a little too small to accommodate any kind of large furniture.

                                                  Adage For Today
The squeaky wheel may get the most grease but if it continues squeaking it gets replaced by another for being either defective or worn out.

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