Monday, April 18, 2016

                                         Misplaced Priorities

One thing that both amazes and miffs me:
That so many commercial and public establishments never invest in their restrooms.

Think about it:
Restaurants, coin-op laundries, coffee shops, public libraries, bars, convenience stores
...a lot of them have restrooms with only one (or two) toilets.  They seldom clean them, a lot of times they don't refill the soap container, they don't replace the toilet tissue, sometimes they also don't maintain the plumbing itself.

When such places do invest it's usually to expand the dining area, or to install televisions in the seating/dining area, or to replace the vending machines, or some other superficial crap like that.

It's not fair to have to "try not to pee oneself" because someone else is either taking a dump or because one of the restrooms are "out of order".


  1. I always have to question people that take a dump in a shop loo. Well no, I don't literally question them, that would be creepy, but unless I lived on the streets I'd hold on to my poop till I got home.