Monday, April 18, 2016


So many people are declaring themselves to be "part of" some faction:
They're either "liberal" or "conservative"
Or they base their own existence on their ancestry
Or they base their lives around their sexual preferences
Or they form their persona around their social class, race, gender, educational level, religious beliefs, political stance, or whatever age they are.

I'm one who just lives for myself (ultimate faithless), and, as such, find it hard to commit to any type of factional beliefs, lifestyles, or practices.  Including living up to the stereotypical characteristics of my own gender, race and age.

I just behave, think, and speak whatever makes sense to me at the time.  I realize that most any belief and viewpoint can be argued at least two or more ways, that what may be true for one person or situation might not pan out for/in another.
And that no one person (or group) should ever have the last word on anything (or anyone).

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