Friday, February 3, 2017

                                              Beatlesque Debonair
I recently watched an hour-long special on The Beatles, and during the early portion of it they showed film clips of some of their live performances during the early days of their career, and I noted that after each one of their performances they would bow to the audience in appreciation of their patronage.

Such was 1964.  It was still a world of civility and orderliness at that point of time in modern history.

Of course the 1960s wouldn't let out without becoming a bit narcissistic and rag-tag, with the advent of the hippies, anti-war demonstrators, psychedelic, and the infusion of the "drug culture" into the mainstream consciousness.

For sure, in due time "rock and rollers" would not be characterized by gestures of humble appreciation or by basic social etiquette.  Ostentatiousness, bizzare antics, and "trailer park dreg" persona would become more the norm.
However, one can always appreciate the few who still come across as being more human than the "average" celebrity.

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