Friday, February 3, 2017

                                 My argument against partisanship
is, simply, that the problem one finds with any kind of partisanship is that each faction insists ALL practices and beliefs they embrace to be ultimate panaceas.

With ANY faction, be it liberal, conservative, religious, gender related, racial, lifestyle, crusaders, or what-have-you, you're liable to find that about half of their agenda and beliefs are quite sound and make sense enough.
But there'll also be other beliefs of theirs that are a bit over-the-top or too presumptive to ever be resolute about.

But each faction, no matter who they are, demands unconditional loyalty to all the practices and belief systems they embrace from those who would consider themselves to be members.

This is why I stay within the moderate/centrist mode with my thinking.
Whatever makes sense to me I'll gravitate toward.  Whatever I think is absurd or ludicrous I'll try to avoid.

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