Friday, February 3, 2017

The "Climate Change" Dilemma

People are STILL jostling around with this subject?

Seems like they've been on this subject FOREVER doesn't it?
And, like always, continue to be extremely partisan over it as well.   Either you believe that modern civilization's desecration of the planet is the primary cause of all the extreme weather patterns and environmental decay, or you contend it's just another planetary cycle that's behind any unexpected changes in the environment.

Meanwhile there are (still) no concerted efforts by any impartial or independent and non-affiliated scientific communities to engage in any kind of legitimate research into the matter.

I, myself, am one who neither denies or embraces any climate change theories.
This issue, to me, has enough angles to it so as to render it quite ambiguous in nature---hence, there are two or more ways to argue this subject.
But no-one wants to debate it.  They only want the world to affirm their myopic viewpoints on it.

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