Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Lost Drivers Of Columbus Ohio

The streets of Columbus Ohio can be quite confusing.
Not all of them go east-west.  Quite a number of them go north-south
...can a layout get any more perplexing?

Take North High Street, for example of the city's "main drags", it goes north-south.  Maybe that's why so many people get "lost" on it.

Lately every time I go out anywhere I always manage to see no less than three or four cars turn into a parking lot, driveway, or alley, make a U-turn, then head back out onto N. High going the other direction
...I even see people turn onto side streets, pull into residential driveways, back out, head back to N. High, then head out in the other direction.

I've yet to figure all this out.
Maybe these people are on a "spy mission" of some kind.
(Keep in mind I only go out about two or three times a week).

I never did like Columbus much anyway
...the people here always act so suspicious---not exactly your "everyday people" type.
They're among the most collectively meddling and invasive I've ever witnessed in a place of this size with so large a population.

It's really creepy and Orwellian even the residents themselves are engaging in surveillance activities as well as are the officials.

I don't know how to explain it
...this city just seems to be a bastion of conspiracy and underhandedness.
Dishonest and secretive...not at all on-the-level.

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