Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We're Being Robbed...of Common Sense

A protester walks into a bank holding up a sign that reads YOU'RE BEING ROBBED

...of course he's referring to the way the banks are "robbing" their customers nowadays---with user fees, penalties incurred if the account goes below a certain amount
...unlike, say, 30 or 40 years ago, when one would start a savings account and stood to accrue a certain amount of interest (on whatever they put in the bank) every three months (no matter how much or how little the amount).  Back then the banks GAVE their customers "extra money" as opposed to the way they now fleece their customers.

Now, one does not walk into a bank making statements about "being robbed"...any more so than one makes jokes about "bombs" or "guns" at an airport.
To make a long story short, this hapless protester ends up being arrested and charged with "attempted robbery" and "making terrorist threats"---both felonies under federal law.

I tell you, those "official" types have no sense-of-humor about ANYTHING
...and they're pretty bureaucratically persnickety in a most militant fashion when it comes to interpreting laws in the most literal manner
...and with no sense of discretion involving circumstance and "intent"
...like they've been taught to not be able "to tell bean paste from crap"
...the word "facsimile" just isn't in their vocabulary:  whatever it looks like---that's what it is.

...so I guess this protester is going to be a "convicted felon" all on account of a moment of flippancy on his part.

You have to love the way our laws protect us from dangers and never fail to serve our best interests.

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