Tuesday, August 14, 2012


In a segment of a popular South Korean drama, one of the characters----a young who had to move to the U.S. in order to have life-saving surgery performed on her, but has now returned home (to Korea)---learns that one of her favorite restaurants is still in business and, sorely missing how delicious she remembers the food being, decides to have lunch there (with her former boyfriend).

...however, upon taking the first few bites of one of her favorite dishes, she puts her fork down and exclaims:  "This isn't right. It's not the same as it was before
...I don't understand people.  They finally 'get it right', then they change the way the food tastes."

Of course this is a dilemma that seems to afflict a LOT of things in the world
....this obsession with "always having to change something", whether it's really necessary or not.
Even if everything is working and functioning just fine and to a tee, they STILL find it necessary to think "I'm tired of the same-old same-old.  Let's change this---and let's change that..."
And, oftentimes, the new methods, procedures, or substitutes are inferior to the old ones...resulting in diminishing quality and functionality.

Also, there's the "priority shift" syndrome as well.
When they decide, suddenly, that one factor is the "most important" and, thus, abandon everything else.  They put all efforts into improving that one area at the expense of everything else (sort of a "rob Peter to pay Paul" scenario)
When she said "They finally get it right, then they change the way the food tastes", it could have meant that the place improved on other factors:  redecorating the interior, improving their service, creating a "kosher" dining atmosphere---and then decided with these elements now attracting more business, they no longer have to focus on the quality of their food anymore---so they slacked off in that area.

And that, obviously, to this young lady, the quality of this place's food was her primary reason for coming there
...but, with that element gone, she has no more reason to come there anymore.

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