Sunday, November 18, 2012

Who's REALLY "In Charge"?

I've mentioned before about how I tend to normally be quite reclusive.

The reason I never feel comfortable when I'm out in public is because societies tend to be socially corrupt.
They're ruled over by blowhards, bullies, hedonistic space-hoggers, and their toenail-painting J.A.P.-esque "trophy cunt" daughters, wives, and girlfriends.

A lot of people readily assume it's the governments, authorities, and police who are in control of things, but actually they're little more than the henchmen for the "overprivileged" and "socially-correct".
Their main function is to kow-tow to all these civilian monarchs and keep them happy.  "Law enforcement" is primarily going after whoever makes these overprivileged types "uncomfortable"---the eccentrics, the oddballs, the wierdoes, the lesser-class, anyone "outside their league" who gets "too curious" or tries to get too "friendly".

I go out in public about as much as anyone else, true
...but you'll never see me walking around wearing headphones, or texting, or using any kind of electronic device.
I depend on "staying alert" as much as possible because I know one thing for sure:  One never knows what someone's going to do next.
I see too many people running around acting too "freely", even as I myself have to make sure to "walk on eggs".
They seem to get away with things most would never tolerate from the likes of me.  And I don't want to get into any conflicts with anyone over anything, because I don't know how the situation would turn out.

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