Sunday, November 4, 2012

East Coast Resurrection

How long do I figure it'll take for NYC and the shores of New Jersey to finally be reasonably restored back to some semblance of normalcy?
I'd say at least a good six to nine months.

What about the oncoming winter weather? How do the displaced residents deal with this?
My only response to this question is: When donating to the victims of this disaster, maybe include sleeping bags and comforters among your contributions.

Did the kids in New Jersey get to "trick-or-treat" on Halloween?
No.  Someone actually asked the officials if Halloween "was still on" for the kids in the neighborhood. N.J. governor Christie gave a most straightforward and exasperated response: "...I wouldn't think so...I don't see how that's possible!..."
(Maybe give them a couple hours or so to clear all those pesky tree branches, car parts, foundation chunks, boat parts and such out of the way and then "trick-or-treat's" on.  Of course no guarantee anyone'll be home---or that the homes themselves will still be in their normal spots.  They're liable to be ten blocks further up the street, laying on their sides and everything. But, hey, got to keep our priorities straight---what's more important than our kids having their fun on Halloween?)
Kudos to the N.J. governor for his diplomatic and professional response to such an idiotic question ever-so-inappropriately posed on such a most-inappropriate occasion.
...seriously---the whole Jersey coast looks like it's been nuked ten times over.

The problem with this particular disaster is that these east-coast cities are among the very first built on this continent.  They already existed while we were still British colonies and were already well-established when the Constitution and Declaration of Independence was signed.
So they're about 300-years-old (give-or-take)---which means they were built up incrementally over a period of nearly three centuries.
So, to be "taken down" overnight and then rebuilt is going to be quite an overwhelming task, as what was there wasn't exactly "built overnight".  And it'll take forever to "bring it all back".
It's safe to say that this area will never be the same again, the way it has been for so long.

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