Friday, November 16, 2012

Where do I stand?

You may wonder: Is this guy a "liberal" or a "conservative"?

It all depends on the subject...

For example, on the subject of people entering this country illegally I'm a bit consevative.
I simply can't understand why it should be alright for anyone to simply come into this country randomly and get to enjoy benefits and liberties afforded it's own citizens---especially when most other countries would never afford us Americans the same privileges.

However, on the subject of infrastructures, availability of decent public transit to everyone, and the notion that the government should serve everyone not just a "chosen few", I'm quite liberal.

Essentially, I'm what one calls a "God-damn Independent".
Someone who thinks for himself and forms his own personal viewpoint on things.

I'll do whatever's right for the subject-in-question.
It's like:  You don't use a hammer or saw to bake a pizza; or a mixing bowl and roller pin to fix plumbing; or run a delivery service using a vaccuum cleaner.
You do whatever the subject calls for
...and that's how I form my viewpoints and opinions as well

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