Monday, November 12, 2012

Hackers (revisited)

...I don't get them.
What's the purpose of "breaking into" someone's computer?  What's to be accomplished by doing something like that?

They must figure that, simply because one's connected to the internet, that individual's activities are a bastion of all kinds of electronic financial transactions complete with credit card and debit card numbers and passwords.
Then they eventually come to realize that said individual's online activities are all passive---browsing the web, e-mailing, making entries onto their blog site.

Out of spite, after having having gone through so much trouble to install spyware and such, they "play games" with said user's computer: locking up their keyboard, disabling the "internet explorer" so they cannot go online---or freezing it up so they cannot freely go from one site to another or they remain stuck on their home page...

Sort of along the same line as a burglar who breaks into someone's residence only to find that person "lives modestly".  No fancy "trendy" gadgets or anything else they could sell for "crack money" (or whatever), out of spite, they crap on the floor, urinate on the electronic devices, spit on (or chow down on) the food items on the shelves or in the refrigerator.

It's like those who "don't respect boundaries" tend to have this underlying notion that there are some kind of "hidden treasures" or "guarded secrets" being withheld from the likes of them and that they have to "take it upon themselves" to find out what those "treasures" and "secrets" are---figuring most people will only give them the runaround or hold out on them if they try to ask permission for access to such legitimately.

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