Friday, April 4, 2014

I have a theory about why my phone rings numerous times a day when there's no-one on the other end.  Maybe it's the NSA trying to access the phone numbers I've either dialed or have dialed me so as to assess what kind of people I associate with.

Now, I don't have anything in the way of a social life, and the calls I make are sporadic and usually to immediate relatives or those I do legitimate business with (i.e.: medical clinics, social service agencies, and the like).  Very benign stuff.

If anyone's hoping to intervene in some kind of drug deal or child prostitution ring they're wasting their time messing with me.  Which brings up one question:  Why do they continue to keep hacking into my phone service when, for the past 5+ years, they would continue to never find anything that could possibly be of any interest to them?  Am I on some kind of "hit list" or what?  Is it simply a habit of police or espionage agencies to have this propensity for "barking up the wrong tree"?

As for the NSA, if they were an extermination service they would probably enter a house (or structure) completely made of stone with marble floors and walls with the intent of ridding the place of termites.  ("Well, the kitchen cabinets are made of wood.  There could be termites in those.")

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