Friday, April 4, 2014

Did you hear or read about that wealthy Minnesota couple who were on food stamps and public assistance while living high-on-the-hog---fancy yachts and residential units and all? And residing in two states at the same time (Minnesota and Florida, to be exact)?

It's assholes like those who set the tone for government's rationalizing cutting back on funds for public assistance programs.
It's the idea that there's yet another "reason" for even more cuts to foodstamps, or medicaid, or unemployment benefits, or whatsoever.

These government agencies cry out "Fraud!" when the true culprits are themselves and their own incompetence and carelessness.  If they didn't run government agencies and concoct their stupid laws in the kind of perfunctory and half-assed manners that they usually do they wouldn't keep missing such obviously flagrant violators.

It's a travesty of public servitude that the worst fraudsters pull off massive heists of this magnitude undetected for so long while those most in need are under continuous scrutiny and even often penalized for committing unintentional minor oversights.

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Don't you get tired of seeing those dumbass UPS and FedEx trucks parked at bus stops and/or in the middle of the right-hand lanes, blocking and disrupting traffic?
I swear,  I wouldn't be surprised to find out those dingshit UPS and FedEx drivers park their rigs in the fast lane of the freeway to deliver something to a customer parked in the median.

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