Friday, April 4, 2014

Small Apartment

Everything here is miniature.  The closet where I have to pile clothes on top of each other for lack of space; the bathroom sink basin the size of my face where I constantly splash water on the bathroom floor every time I brush my teeth, shave, or wash my face; the tiny water heater that holds 30 seconds of hot water; a kitchen sink that's so shallow it's not even possible to wash any pots and pans in the damn thing (one's forced to resort to doing them in the shower).

A nice little place, yes.  And the rent is low, so I shouldn't be complaining.

But, still, just because the unit is small does EVERYTHING ELSE in it have to be made-for-lilliputians sized?  The kitchen sink could afford to be a little deeper to accommodate more complex dishware besides just your basic plates bowls and cups.  I mean, if one purchases pots and pans at the department store they're selling the same sized items to you that they sell to anyone else.
And I'm 5-feet 11-inches tall.  I'm willing to wager that even if I could afford to live in a larger place I'd STILL be 5-feet 11-inches tall.  The dimensions of wherever I'm living doesn't affect my own physical dimensions, in other words.

That's the thing about urban architecture:  the perfunctorily generic manner in which society builds structures in which those who dwell within find themselves and their needs unaccommodated for and are forced to juryrig the premises in an attempt to force them to perform and function as needed.

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