Thursday, April 17, 2014

If at first you don't succeed, ignore the instructions and try whatever.

I'm a simple-minded type.  When I press the START button I expect the gadget to start and I expect it to function and work properly.

When I flick a light switch I actually expect the light to come on---not for a residential building two doors down to explode or some other damn thing like that.

I hate it when I do what I'm supposed to do and I either get no results, or I get the wrong results.  I feel "backed into a corner", and when I feel trapped in any way I get desperate and start devising deviant alternatives inside my own mind.  The kind of solutions that invalidate warranties, get you arrested, sued, evicted, fired, or permanently banished.

The toilet's stopped up.  Even after 3 days of creating one artificial tsunami after another via my toilet plunger the bowl's still obstructed.
Desperate I think: DRANO.
And if the toilet bowl should spring a leak as a result?  Caulking material?  Superglue?

It's a shame one can't just simply LIVE in their own dwelling place.
I'm just an eternal guardian of a residential unit and of everything in it.

I guess the reason material items go haywire is because they have minds and souls of their own, just as do people and all other living creatures.  You get used to them and to pulling them off the shelf when you need them then putting them back when you're done with them.

And, apparently, they get tired of being taken for granted and unappreciated.  So, just like union workers going on strike, they have to remind you of how much you depend on them, and the only way for material items to do so is to suddenly malfunction and go on the fritz.

I think that's what those sort of events are all about.  Even animals go through those kind of charades of spitefulness.  For example, even dogs will protest if all you do is feed them and pet them sporadically but never play with them by badgering you consistently for attention.
It seems no-one (or nothing) can stand being taken-for-granted.

But, STILL I really have to tolerate smart-ass material objects behaving like spoiled 2-year-olds, doing whatever they want to do no matter who gets hurt or what gets damaged or destroyed? 

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