Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Should I Just Give It A Rest?

I'm considering taking an online hiatus. You know, stop blogging for a while and simply read other people's sites and posts and even leave an occasional comment here and there on a few of them.

You see, I'm a lazy ass and right now I'm simply taking the easy way out. The main reason I write anyway is because I think talking is probably the worst form of communication in existence despite being the most common form. And factor in my having a deep voice, being soft-spoken and also mealy-mouthed and with a speech impediment to boot, and one can figure out why the only way someone like me would ever be able to successfully express himself could only be by way of the written word.
When I speak people either think I said something else, or I have to keep repeating myself. Phone calls to medical/dental clinics, caseworkers, or utility companies (and the like) are the worst.

Anyway, sayonara.
And remember---I'll be watching all of you.

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