Monday, July 14, 2014

As strange as it sounds, once I'm done producing any one post on this site I only look at it just long enough to proofread it to check for typing errors and proper wording.  Then I "move on" and read other sites.  In fact I enjoy reading what other people write more so than what I put out.

The reason being that I realize my views and opinions are always going to be hampered by my limited knowledge and experiences as well as by whatever inner prejudices I have.
No one person should ever have a final word on any given subject, no matter how enlightened and knowledgeable they are and for just those reasons.

One should be openminded when it comes to the internet, just as they should be with anything else.
To read other people's sites, to go outside of one's niche and belief systems and take into consideration arguments others make for how they think and what they believe.
Not that it should necessarily cause one to turn away from their own worldview, but to realize whatever one thinks is never going to be the last word anyone has on any subject.

Likewise, my blog site represents how things look from my vantage point.
Nothing more, nothing less.

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