Tuesday, July 22, 2014


What kind of elements should comprise a program, be it a radio program, television program, or a magazine article, or a blog post?

Should it be pragmatic? Should everything be all about protocol, being tightly structured and regulated? Should only reality rule? Should everything be done clinically, no humor or imagination?

Or should it be creative, innovative, inspired, and improvisational? Should we focus on being crafty and "tricky" in a clever manner? Should all dialogue comprise ambiguous double entendre type writing or talk whose meanings are able to extend way beyond the immediate subject matter at hand?
Should it be obsessively philosophical and focus on "intellectual" matters?

Or should it be frivolous and mostly ephemeral, purely "fun-loving" and focused mainly on the "entertainment" aspect?

Personally I think the best programming and literature are those that are able to craftily and discreetly infuse all those elements into one overall package, highlighting each when they're called for and best fitted for the occasion.

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