Monday, July 14, 2014

...And so I went out to the country about 30 miles or so east of the city to visit my brother and his elderly godmother and their many cats this past Thursday.

I must say it was nice to be somewhere where one isn't subjected to the constant sound of emergency sirens every half hour or to helicopters hovering above you all the time.  Or to obnoxious traffic noise.

To be around people who talk to me in a respectful and straightforward manner as opposed to cocky strangers making unwarranted contemptuous comments to me  randomly when I've never done anything to them.

The only noise around here were crows screaming at raccoons who were nesting in the bird feeder.

Compare this to an environment that normally resembles the Democratic convention of 1968 in Chicago, or the Detroit race riots of the summer of 1967 ("summer of love"?).  Or a social climate of "Kent State"esque shootings, only instead of a National Guard those who pull the triggers are either local civilian authorities, gang members, or disillusioned despondent individuals who's only good fortune in life seems to be having enough to their name to purchase firearms.

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