Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The More Laws There Are The More Criminals You'll Have

I don't think it's right the way society humiliates those with arrest and conviction records. With so many laws on the books and so many types of acts considered "offenses" it's a wonder 90% of the population doesn't have SOME kind of a criminal record.

I think those who've never been in trouble with the law have either never been caught or they just have influential individuals or organizations covering up for them when they DO fuck up.
Society views them as somehow "too highly regarded to fail".  Not to mention I find the pompous attitudes and sense of self-assurance and self-righteousness of such persons to be insufferable.

What I would wish on such persons:
It's discovered by authorities that one of their offspring has been running a meth lab.
Or, when engaging in one of their usual aggressive driving antics, they either hit a pedestrian or bicycle in a crosswalk (who has the legal right-of-way) ...or, when cutting through a parking lot at full speed (to avoid having to wait for the light) they crash head-on into someone trying to enter the (same) lot.
You know ...the kind of situation they can't weasel their way out of.

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