Saturday, August 1, 2015

              Pearls to Swine (Revisited)
These modern-day cars with built-in electrical systems are really annoying.  Especially the remote controls used to set the alarm systems which always sound the horn and flash the lights each time they're used.  And the owners always park right under your bedroom window.
People are too lazy to simply press the button on the lock, close the door, and go on in.  And everyone's so paranoid about getting their "precious" car stolen.  It's just a damn car already!

Car remotes, laptops, iPhones...
All these sophisticated devices in the hands of klutzy half-wits who habitually tend to trip over their own shoestrings.
People are constantly dropping their cell phones.  Probably because they trip over their own shadow while texting or yelling into their phones conversing with their hard-of-hearing friends.

"Let's post some more illiterate myopically provincial drivel on Twitter and Facebook!"
Why did the industry ever make sophisticated intricate gadgets available to the "average slob"?

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