Saturday, August 1, 2015

I have a hard time understanding this need so many people have to be involved in relationships.

You would think that, after spending an entire childhood with one's parents, obliged to "domestic loyalty", one would be eager to attain personal independence, go their own way, and make a life of their own for themselves.

But, apparently, most people still wish to be a "slave" to some select "other".  Or they're so afraid of committing some kind of "cultural heresy" they don't want to step outside any social norms.

Or, maybe, most people don't really know how to think for themselves or have enough imagination to figure out how to live a creative life on their own, so they need others around them all the time to tell them how to live life, how to have fun, or what they should be thinking or feeling.

Most people don't know how to stand alone.


  1. I totally agree. My mother being a great example of that.

    I with someone because I'm crap at so many things and I need them to fill the gaps.

  2. Well, so long as it's an integral type relationship and one side's enhancing the other.
    And so long as you two deeply respect one another and one doesn't start becoming an obstacle to the other.