Saturday, August 1, 2015

                     Universal Twits
One thing I like about the internet is the level of transparency present online.
If one has any unusual problems or issues you can run across others dealing with the same.
If certain trends, personality types, unreasonable laws, unscrupulous behaviors, incompetence among professionals and authority drive you shit-fuckin' crazy, for example, you can always find certain anonymous parties who share similar attitudes and viewpoints to yours.

But, face-to-face in everyday life, one always finds themselves alone, with most people one runs into being more "part of the problem" rather than a refuge from the "collective stupidity, incompetence and conspiracies".

This is why I frequent such sites as This Crazy Train (, Writog (, Boomer Musings ( and others of their ilk.

They, too, have a thing or two to say about what can best be described as the "universal twits": 
the ill-bred
the overentitled
those with no sense of boundaries
those who take for granted this world belongs to just them and whoever else has "favor" with them
the officious
the militantly paranoid
the chronically "trend obsessed".

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