Friday, September 25, 2015

Requiem For A Long-Gone Site

What does one think of a very creative site full of clever and biting satirical wit and social commentary (often derisive and disparaging toward subjects well-deserving of such), very sophisticated, well-crafted, perfect script coupled with fitting photos to match?  A site in which obviously each post had to have taken a lot of time, effort and passion on the part of the blog's owner to put together?

And suddenly, unexpectedly and out-of-the-blue, the site's curator just takes the whole thing down? 
And when asked why he simply states:  I've been complaining about (this problem) for years now and nothing's ever been down about it.

Does this guy not understand the make-up of a society?  Or the theory behind what comprises the concept of "living in a society"?  It's like this ...There are: those who fuck things up; those who get outraged by how screwed-up things are and openly protest about them; those "in-charge" who promise to fix things, then don't do shit-for-fuck about anything; clueless types eternally indifferent to all things around them (focused only on their own personal affairs) who somehow don't seem to get snared the same way a lot of others do, and somehow have no problem getting on with their life.

As a social commentary columnist/blogger you're among the "protesters".  You go off about anything/everything that's off about the culture you live in.
But ...never EVER are you ever to expect anyone to ever actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT whatever's wrong with the collective social environment.
THAT'S the eternal concept behind what's commonly known as "living in a society".

"All these years I constantly exposed, on my site, what was going on in my city and, still, nobody ever tried to do anything to put a stop to it all..."
That alone is no reason to dismantle and dissolve (what was) an excellent and brilliant site sure to still be "sorely missed" to this day. 

                                        Another site to check out: 
                                            The name of the site is The Daily Irritant 



  1. I always find the people that shout the loudest, are always the ones who actually do the least to change anything. Bad English, but you get my point.

    1. The site was Die Hipster.
      It was apparently known as "Brooklyn's anti-gentrification blog".
      If I'm not mistaken, it was on Wordpress.
      Very (justifiably) sardonic and disparaging, I, myself, will greatly miss it's dead-on wry humor approach to a subject matter which has been greatly impacting not only the NYC area but just about every other major city in the western world.