Friday, September 25, 2015

                                                   Musing For Today

                                            The ultimate remedy for relieving stress:

Tell the world to quit fuckin' with me.   Quit getting in my way all the time.    Get rid of all these stupid laws: there's way more on the books than anyone could ever possibly follow or even be aware of half the time.
Do away with favoritism: EVERYONE has to follow the same rules.    Equalize "responsibility": quit blaming only those with little or no clout or means of defending themselves for whatever's wrong with the current social climate.    People should quit pigeonholing each other, and then being so nemesis-like toward anyone who doesn't also custom-fit into whatever "country club" they've decidedly affixed themselves to.    Quit being such coup d etats: quit "taking over" public and commercial spaces as if you and your friends or family members "just laid official claim to" wherever you happen to be at the time ...I shouldn't be made to feel like I'm "crashing someone's party" every time I enter someplace or try to use the same facilities as everyone else.

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