Tuesday, September 22, 2015

                               For Tenants Only

The owners of an apartment complex have rules and regulations aimed specifically at the tenants of the complex:

SPEED LIMIT:  15 MPH in driveway, parking lot, and alleyway.
Are outsiders who cut through the alleys or parking lot also obliged to abide by this requirement, or can they fly in and out at 30 MPH the same way they do anywhere else?

Residents are not permitted to loiter, gather, or play in stairwells, hallways, corridors, parking lots, or anywhere in or around the building where they may unnecessarily disturb other residents.
What about "wandering drunks" on the weekend or scavengers rummaging through the trash bins (looking for some kind of "lost treasure" or "hidden gold" or whatever)?  And roving gangs?  Can they be as loud and invasive as they want?

No smoking in the building, in any of the units, or even within 25 feet of building outside.
This means the tenants only.  Anyone walking down the alley or cutting through the parking lot just puffin' away ...what can you do about them?  They're not residents so they'd be exempt from "house rules".

No clunkers or junkers allowed.
Of course the tenants in a HUD-subsidized apartment complex ought to be wealthy enough to be able to afford a Lincoln Continental.

No loud or disturbing noises permitted between the hours of 10 PM and 10 AM
Again:  This is tenant's only.  Construction crews, loud no-muffler vehicles (belonging to non-tenants of course), and the neighbors who live a block or two away are exempt.

All burdens for compliance rest on the shoulders of the hapless tenants, who have no control over how anything goes down.
It always makes sense for accountability to rest on the shoulders of those with no authority or say-so over anything.
That's how things get done and how problems get solved.

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