Tuesday, September 22, 2015

                                               Curtains For Consumerism

When purchasing curtains recently I discovered, the hard way, one doesn't simply pick up a package of 42" by 63" drapes.  One has to make sure they're also the "light blocking" type as well.
...AFTER purchasing 3 "One Window Panel" ones.
Yes, I DO buy curtains for the purpose of attaining privacy.  It would never have occurred to me before that there are actually such things as transparent see-thru curtains.

It would be nice to live in a culture where it was also a top priority to ensure even the average underling was reasonably educated about practical matters.  Including about all the different "varieties" of presumably common consumer products.  Instead of standing by and watching people make mistakes involving the use of their personal finances.

It's obvious modern-day industries and merchants have no actual appreciation of those who would spend their good money on the items they produce/sell.
If you created, produced, and put on sale a product or device you created yourself and anyone would be interested enough to want to purchase it from you, wouldn't you feel gratitude toward said patron?

Modern-day commercial industry/merchants have no such feelings of gratitude toward any of us collective consumers/customers.  They seem to think we only exist to be fleeced, sold the latest trendy versions of popular "snake oil" products ...that we're just a bunch of fools "anyone could sell dogshit to" if only they can figure out how to make us feel it's a "must-have", or how to make it look "cool" or like the "latest rage".

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