Tuesday, January 31, 2017

                                    You can't fool ME!!!!!
I know you were trying to rape the side of that garage!!!!!
    Did you know that there are at least a couple of states, right here in the good ol' U S of A, where "public urination" is actually a "sex offense" by law?

So-o-o-o-o ...if one has the misfortune of getting caught red-handed pissing in the bushes or on the side of a building on their way home from the bar or late-night coffee house because their bladder just couldn't wait long enough for them to make it home, society has the perfect legal right to incarcerate them, assassinate their character, defame them, and all-around destroy their life.  All in the name of morality, decency, and "community safety".
Although, in all fairness, public urination COULD be considered biological contamination.  But, then again, so is hawking phlegm onto a public sidewalk.

Since it is such a crime to "expose one's 'wee-wee' in public", especially in the presence (or potential presence) of minors, what about those public restrooms where there are two or more urinals side-by-side with no dividing wall between them?

If a dad has his "little Johnny" with him, lifting him up in front of the urinal to give "little Johnny" the experience of "using a urinal the same way the big boys do", and you walk into the restroom on them, having to "piss like a racehorse", what do you do?   
I guess hope no-one's in the stall and use THAT toilet instead to avoid possible social/legal disaster.
And another thing:  Could the dad himself possibly stand to be accused of "negligent entrapment"?
Or does "entrapment" have to be deliberate as opposed to purely circumstantial?
Which means that whatever happens is still going to be solely your responsibility?

I tell you ...living in a western society is complicated.
It's not like one can simply use common sense and reason to get by.

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