Monday, October 21, 2013

                      Have any I.D. on you?

My state I.D. card is set to expire in 2014.
I'll have to get it updated before October of the next year, which is just as well since I've recently moved and now live at a different address than the one listed on the current I.D..  One really should have their correct address on their I.D. card.

Frankly I wish this society would implement some kind of biometric means of identifying people--i.e. fingerprints, eyeprints, DNA matching.  True, it would put a lot of people out of work: credit card companies; the licensing bureaus (minus the driving instructors); those contracted to print up everything from social security cards to bank debit cards and the like.  But to be able to get through even the most complicated transactions via simply "being scanned".  Besides, this country isn't much on prosperity any more these days anyway.  What's a few more "unemployed"?

Would this take us one step closer to "Big Brother"?
Not really.  Actually the world's societies, past and present, have always been paternalish in nature. Think: Why is it most laws and regulations involve restrictions and what one's forbidden to do while a mere fraction concern themselves with benefits and entitlements?

"The Mark of the Beast"?
There's always been that.  Even ancient Egypt had their currency exchanges wherein one had to look at whatever coin they had in their hand to make sure it was the correct denomination before spending or accepting it.
"The Beast" is simply a metaphor for the way a major society takes on a life of its own and becomes more powerful than its creators and curators.

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