Tuesday, October 29, 2013

        The Rats Are Coming
                                   ...Maybe There's A Rat Race On

The Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus Ohio is experiencing a rat population explosion lately.
No, I'm not referring to the neighborhood residents having more children.  I'm talking about the four-legged kind.  The actual rodents themselves.

Of course this neighborhood has always been noted as being among the nation's most prominent free outdoor landfills, where it's okay to just throw one's trash anywhere one pleases: sidewalks, front lawns, alleyways, parking lots.  With that in mind hordes of rats actually fit right in with the physical environment.

One would figure as hidebound as Columbus Ohio is (in spite of all the red herrings it throws up to impress outsiders otherwise: live theatre and concert venues, numerous cultural festivals, a phony "arts" subculture, free "alternative" newspaper publications expressing token "liberal" viewpoints, and even a gambling casino) there would be more stringent health and safety regulations.  But outside of Draconian laws involving improprieties or property crimes (Ohio State University students excepted) this city seems to be amazingly lax.

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