Thursday, October 3, 2013

On Being Offensive (Revisited?)

Trying not to be "offensive" to anyone is always somewhat of a dead-end prospect of an agenda.

Most people are such alarmists.  Anything that rubs their fur the wrong way will set them off, either running away terrified or lunging toward you in full jackboot fashion.

And just about anything can potentially offend most people (especially if they see it either gives you pleasure or benefits you in some way.)  If it's not to their liking or goes against any of their personal standards they respond like you just did something really vile or hideous.

Also, when one does do or say something another considers "offensive", society is always so harsh on the "offender" as if that was the primary reason for said words or act:  like you meant to be offensive, like it was all you had in mind.

I have no way of knowing or figuring out what's going to bother or upset another person.  I don't possess any kind of telepathic aptitudes, and most people are strangers whose lives I have nothing to do with anyway.  If anything I do or say "offends" it's purely incidental and not part of some conspiracy to intimidate or undermine any specific individual or group.

I just can't see putting myself "on hold" or allowing certain persons or groups to stifle or muffle me or curtail my personal activities simply because of their own arbitrary disapproval of whatever it is I'm doing or saying at the time.

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