Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reputation or Credibility?

There's a website run by a group of P.R. experts claiming to undo damage done to businesses by disgruntled ex-employees and dissatisfied customers who go online and make malicious and disparaging claims against these businesses regarding services, products, attitudes and practices---resulting in potential customers avoiding said businesses and the financial ruin that follows.

The concept is to have a good P.R. staff put up sites which praise and commend various aspects of these businesses in a bold attempt to counterbrainwash impressionable internet users (who apparently believe whatever they read online).

I think maybe instead of chastising individuals who may be simply exposing unethical business practices or various forms of discrimination they've experienced from certain establishments or maybe exposing plain-out incompetences, someone should also put up another website for businesses titled SOCIAL DIPLOMACY, which would entail among its premises the importance of:  treating all customers and clients equally and fairly; the importance of not favoring certain customers over others---as in treating select regulars like kings and queens while ignoring irregulars and eccentric ones or treating them like shit; and the importance of not having inside corruption in the workplace itself: you know, allowing domineering employees to bully fellow workers and act like they're the ones who own your establishment. 
Oh, and not to mention: TRAIN YOUR DAMN WORKERS THOROUGHLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY.  Few things worse for a customer to experience than dealing with staff and management or workers who don't quite know all the ins-and-outs of whatever they're supposed to be getting paid to do.

I know it sounds radical:  the notion that business owners should actually be responsible themselves (beyond just merely tallying the cash register at closing time).

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