Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One thing about living in an urban area.  The number of emergency vehicles that go constantly screaming by.  I mean, like, often every five to ten minutes, and just about half a dozen times an hour on some days.

Seriously!  Where are we living anyway?  Syria?  The Gaza Strip?  Why so frequent?
Do people just keep constantly getting themselves in so much trouble that they need to be continuously monitored and rescued by those-in-charge?  Are most people really such "babies" they can't take care of themselves?

Or are those in authority simply such control freaks they have to keep reminding everyone who's "really in charge"?

Either way living in modern U.S.A. is like living in one big police state.  It really mars one's social and domestic atmosphere to have to constantly hear one loud siren after another, one set followed shortly thereafter by yet another set.  No wonder so many people are chronically depressed.

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