Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One day a grasshopper approached a centipede strolling along casually and asked him "Tell me, how do you manage to coordinate all those legs of yours so well so as to be able to move along so smoothly?"
The centipede dwelled on that question for a while, but had to move on to take care of his daily business.  However, when he attempted to continue on he found himself paralyzed, unable to walk even another inch.

Self-consciousness can be debilitating.  Some things need to remain the domain of the instinctual if they are to function unimpeded and properly.
Being "too aware" of anything can be just as debilitating as well.

Am I too "aware" and self-conscious?  I'm sure of it.
My blogsite's general theme seems to be how resentful I am of having to always "walk on eggshells" while most others around me are free to "throw stones" as often as they want.

I'll notice things that are ironic.  Like the germaphobic health nut who has to clean and sanitize anything before they use it, only consumes organicaly grown (or produced) food and drink and only uses "natural" household products.  But yet they smoke, drink, use certain illegal drugs. 

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