Thursday, November 14, 2013

I am not apologizing for that last post, PRIORITIES.  The things that matter are individuality and quality-of-life amenities like the freedom to choose what kind of social climate you want to live in, what best fits your personal standards and the right to freely speak your mind.

Crusader/Activist charades are little more than a way for the narcissistic to alleviate the guilty conscience they have for their hedonistic lifestyles.
Pink-ribbon bike-a-thons do not cure anyone's cancer.  Only earnest legitimate medical research yields needed results.

In a culture that is primarily interested in financing (and that values more) the likes of live concert arenas, sports stadiums, and gentrified neighborhoods with their upscale restaurants and bars don't expect those-in-charge to be much impressed with protest marches and hand-painted banners carried by hoi polloi idiots obstructing public walkways.

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