Friday, September 26, 2014

Be Prepared

Always make sure your wallet is on you at all times.
Carry wallet in your front right pocket.
If you're stopped by the cops your wallet's on you when you step out of your car.

One guy had his wallet in the front passenger-side seat and when a cop stopped him and asked to see it he turned around and headed back into his car to retrieve it.  The cop pulled his gun, shot the driver, and ordered him on the ground and proceeded to rough him up.

We have some paranoid and skittish police, don't we?
But, if that's the kind of society we live in we just have to take certain precautions, try to foolproof things as much as possible.

If the driver's wallet had been on him (in his front pants pocket) he could have simply stated:  "It's in my front pocket!"  Then the officer could have either walked over and pulled it out himself or told the driver:  "Okay, pull it out---SLOWLY!"

We can't ever be too relaxed in this modern-day world of ours.  We can't allow ourselves to be all sloppy/freelance/slipshod.

If one lives on a fault line, be aware one can find themselves buried alive anytime.
If one lives in a valley, be wary of heavy rains and of the mountain snowmelt in spring.


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