Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Wrong "Rights"

One day, when I was out walking around, I was forced to "detour" around a group of fraternal buttfuckers who were hogging the whole sidewalk shooting the shit, and as I stepped off the curb to go around them some cop who was driving by at the time yelled out at me to "GET OUT OF THE STREET!"

On other occasions I would witness people skateboarding in the middle of the street (slowing down traffic) with nobody even batting an eyelash, like "No big deal".

So, skateboarding is allowed in the street, but if a pedestrian steps off the curb it's a "safety violation"?  Interesting.

Society has a "split personality".  There's too much laissez-faire toward things that should be heavily restricted and too much draconianism toward that which it could afford to "lighten up" on.

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