Friday, September 26, 2014

One Bad Apple

My God, can it be?
That there's a glitch in Apple's latest "you can't live without this one either" offerings, the iPhone 6 and 6-plus?
After all the anticipatory exuberance and frenzy (eliciting more hysteria than even the second coming of Jesus Christ ever will) it must be some letdown for all these trend-obsessed civilian aristocrats to have to acknowledge their beloved iconic idols at Apple Corps might possibly be producing products that focus more on mere style and the company's namesake and brand imagerisms than on products that actually concentrate on functionality, greater efficiency, and greater reliability.  That sort of thing reeks of gimmickrism already.

The paper-thin aluminum frame is known to bend a little too easily as well.  Some users complained that their phones got bent out of shape when they sat down while their phones were in their back pants pocket.

I don't understand why people put items in their back pants pockets.  Doesn't that make sitting down uncomfortable?  I never do that myself.  It puts too much pressure on my asscheek bones.

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