Friday, January 30, 2015

                           Library Etiquette
                         As Viewed From The Computer Station

Apparently the Columbus (Ohio) public libraries are down on playing music so loud through your headphones the sound bleeding out can be heard across the room. Hence, the on-duty staff will walk right up to you and strongly request you "turn it down".

However, when it comes to any kind of "noise ordinance" decrees they still do nothing about loud talking (whether on cell phones or sitting in pairs and groups), nor about all the noisy children and teenagers running around shouting back-and-forth to each other (sometimes while playing video games on the computers).
Nor does one get any relief from "table drummers" or from fancy micro-gadgets that make all those weird loud blips and bleeps.

I'd like to see some kind of all-around effort made to ensure a comfortable environment for all patrons instead of these mere cherry-picking token displays of occasional "responsibility" by some lone staff member from time-to-time.

Part of the reason they do nothing about loud talkers and loud kids is probably because those culprits are usually upper-middle-class "professional" types, your "average Joes and Janes" and their offspring.  In other words your "normal" "everyday" types. The "primary patrons" the library system serves. Hence, the staff tend to be more "flexible" with and tolerant of such types, and that's why they sort of "get away with" a lot of their rude behaviors, even as music lovers have to watch the volume on their iPods.

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