Monday, January 19, 2015

Responsibility (Revisited)

I'm not a person who's ever very eager to take on any kind of responsibilities par-for-the-course.
I'll still follow through on any obligations that get thrown my way if and whenever feasible.  And I respect the underlying concept itself in the general sense.
But deep down inside I'll still be "kicking and screaming".

I'll assert that it's only those in a position of authority or favor who should have responsibilities put on them.
That if I'm going to have to be "responsible for" anything then I'd better be given some degree of authority---or at least given a "higher rank".  I'd better "have some more stripes put on the sleeve of my shirt".

That it's not right the way so many demand certain things of me without providing the means necessary for me to follow through adequately on their extortive wishes: more knowledge of the subject matter in question; more authority so as to have more command over my situation; co-operation, assistance and support from others; granting me a higher status so I can enjoy a higher merit and credibility level.

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