Friday, January 9, 2015

They're STILL after Roman Polanski for a single act of sexual improprietism with a (then-)"minor" (who's now in her 50s and mother of grown offspring and maybe even a grandmother) he committed almost 38 years ago.

Are these all-out grandiose efforts to bring this now-82-year-old to justice worthy of all the tax dollars they're sucking up?  Well, considering the high standards we hold our celebrities up to, absolutely!

We all know how these grossly underpaid entertainers, authors, and producers are best-known for their modest lifestyles, their conservative beliefs, their stable marriages, their well-mannered public behavior and speech, the lack of scandal and corruption in their personal lives, and their common-sense and rational mindsets.

This makes the kind of behavior Polanski engaged in nearly 38 years ago still worthy of the kind of excessive outrage on the part of the general public and officials and also justifies the need to apprehend this dangerous social heretic by any means possible.

If Poland refuses to extradite Polanski then send in the CIA or the Navy SEALS and flush him out by any means of force necessary.
World Salvation is dependent on rectifying this situation and by ensuring Polanski doesn't escape the wrath of justice due him.

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